High Speed Pharmaceutical Cartoning Machine

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High Speed Pharmaceutical Cartoning Machine

The high-speed cartoning machine is used as the packaging equipment for drugs and other pharmaceutical products. It carries out a variety of functions, including specification folding, paper box opening, goods packing, printing batch number and box sealing. This packaging equipment uses PLC control in order to monitor the operation of each process, and will automatically remove unqualified products during operation. If any issues arise, this carton packaging machine will automatically shut down, making debugging easy to immediately carry out. This equipment can be used as a standalone machine, or connected to a full packaging line, including blister packaging machines or a hot melt coating machine.

Maximum production capacity 200 boxes / minute
Paper box size range Maximum 180 × 85 × 50 mm (long × width × height)
Minimum 75 × 35 × 15 mm (length × width × height)
Instruction paper number Maximum 250 × 170 mm (long × wide) Minimum 150 × 100 mm (length × width)
Power supply 380v 50 Hz three phases and four lines
Main motor power 1.5 kW
Compressed air pressure ≥ 0.6 MPa
Air consumption 0.06~0.09m3 min (Pressure 0.6~0.9mpa)
Overall machine shape and size 4200 × 1650 × 1650 mm (long × width × height)
Machine weight About 1500Kg
Noise <80dB
Specifications Of Available Package Materials
Package material Paper box Instructions
Requirements of ZH200 versatile automatic paper boxing machine on drug package materials 1. Select 300-350g/m2 white cardboard
2. The limit deviation of the paper thickness is ±5m.
3. Storage conditions: temperature 25℃±2℃ Relative humidity ≤ 60 %
4. Indentation line depth is 0.2-0.4 mm and indentation line width is 1-1.4 mm.
5. Box pasting must be accurate and cannot be stuck to other paper boxes, or stick to the interior of the box. The paper box must be easy to open and easy to transport.
6. Design the cutting view of paper box to match the requirements of the paper box for the machine. A paper box for a cartoning machine like this must be month locked paper boxes with a neat cut and no curling.
1. Select 50-70g/m2 offset printing paper
2. The limit deviation of paper thickness is ±2mm and the diagonal limit deviation is ±1 mm.
3. The fiber direction of the paper should be kept vertical to the direction of the paper folding.
4. Storage conditions: temperature 25℃±2℃ Relative humidity ≤ 60 %
5. The paper is required to cut neatly and with no curls.

1. Frame
2. Main transmission system
3. Moving-box transmission mechanism
4. Drug board conveyor chain
5. Oscillating discharging mechanism
6. Testing mechanism
7. Material pushing mechanism
8. Box attracting and delivery mechanism
9. Batch number printing, paper box sealing and finished product output
10. Paper-folding machine

Diagrammatic drawing of device installation
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