Desk-type Autoclave Sterilizer, Pressure Steam Sterilizer

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Desk-type Autoclave Sterilizer, Pressure Steam Sterilizer

TQ-280 Desk-type Autoclave / Pressure Steam Sterilizer

Our TQ-280 desk-type autoclave is a kind of small sterilizing equipment with reliable safety system. By using of SCM and human-machine interface, it realizes the automatic control, automatic recording, automatic printing, and vacuum drying. It is especially ideal for the sterilization of surgical apparatus, dental apparatus, medical stuff, medical liquid, medical glass, syringe, as well as food which are subject to high pressure and steam. At the same time, this pressure steam sterilizer can be widely used for disinfection and sterilization in hospital or clinics as well as scientific research institutions, especially for operation room that is in great need of sterile products. In addition, this equipment is available with internal load support plate and diaphragm vacuum pump.

Main Technical Parameters
Sterilizing Chamber Volume φ280*400(mm)
Overall Size(L*W*H mm) 645*560*420
Working Pressure 0.07-0.22Mpa
Working Temperature 115-134℃
Heat Equilibrium ≤±1℃
Vacuum -0.09Mpa
Power 1.5Kw/AC220V, 50Hz
Net Weight (kg) 50
The desk-type autoclave sterilizer is a kind of small sterilizing equipment, with sterilizing chamber volume of φ280*400(mm). Besides this pressure steam sterilizer, FEIYUN, as a specialized manufacturer of pharmaceutical equipment, offers capsule polisher, tablet coating machine, medical high purity nitrogen generator, capsule filling machine, medicine pack blister packaging machine, and so forth. If you are in search for pharmaceutical equipment that meets cGMP standards, please let us know and we will recommend the right models for you.
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