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Pulse Vacuum Steam Sterilizer

YG Pulsating Vacuum Sterilizer / Autoclave

With the use of PLC control system and human-machine interface, this YG pulsating vacuum sterilizer or autoclave is able to realize many functions of automatic recording, automatic printing, as well as vacuum drying, etc. This equipment is commonly used in hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, scientific research institutes, and other units for sterilizing and drying clothing, dressings, metal instruments, culture medium, and so forth.

Model Overall Dimensions L*W*H (mm) Single/Double Door Chamber Size L*W*H(mm) Steam Consumption (kg/cycle) Power (Kw) Water Consumption (kg/cycle) Sterilizing Time (min) Net Weight (kg)
YG-0.2 895*1220*1720 700*600*600 20 1.5 150 30 650
YG-0.3 1195*1220*1720 1000*600*600 25 1.5 150 30 760
YG-0.6 1245*1300*1880 1050*680*850 30 2.0 200 35 1100
YG-0.8 1595*1300*1880 1400*680*850 35 3.0 250 40 1300
YG-1.2 1695*1370*1960 1500*750*1100 40 3.0 300 45 1900
YG-2.5 3195*1370*1960 3000*750*1100 80 4.5 450 50 2800
YG-5.0 3635*1800*2200 3400*1000*1500 170 7.5 600 60 4500
Main Technical Parameters
Design Pressure 0.245Mpa
Vacuum Pressure -0.095Mpa
Working Pressure 0.22Mpa
Steam Pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa
Design Temperature 139℃
Water Pressure 0.1-0.3Mpa
Working Temperature 134℃
Compressed Air Pressure 0.5-0.7Mpa
Heat Equilibrium ≤±1℃

Characteristics and Advantages
1. With an elegant stainless steel decorative cover, the container of our sterilizer is manufactured and tested fully according to the Steel Pressure Vessel.
2. With the adoption of national patent door interlock, this kind of autoclave makes use of national patent sealing technology, thus maintaining the tightness of door seals.
3. This equipment is controlled by reliable and stable PLC system, offering a series of functions including recording, printing, as well as storing. Also, users have access to it via the touch screen.
4. The thermal insulation layer is obtained from polyurethane materials and pearl rock wool.
5. It is built to meet the principle of GMP.
6. According to the regulations of P3 and P4 laboratory, the inactivation system needs to be mounted in the equipment for sterilizing the exhaust gas and condensed water which will be emitted.

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