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Capsule Filling Machine Manufacturer

Zhejiang Feiyun Technology, originally known as Ruian Feiyun Machinery Factory, was established in 1986 and is a professional pharmaceutical packing equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. We are the largest manufacturer of hard gelatin capsule filling machines in China. Our products include the capsule filling machine, medical high purity nitrogen generator, blister packing machine, capsule polisher, pharmaceutical coating machine, and the other related products.
  • Capsule Filling Machine
  • NJP-3200 Fully Automatic Capsule Filling MachineNJP-3200 fully automatic capsule filling machine is a new type intermittent motion machine which can be used for filling of powder and pellet shaped medicine. Automatic intermittent rotary motion is adopted in this product. To be more specific, at the center of the bench is rotary table and it can deliver the capsules to the individual workstation around. As a result, this product can complete operation of sowing, separation, filling, removal of waste capsule, locking, delivery and mold cleaning in short retention time of workstation.
  • Capsule Filling Machine
  • NJP-2800 Capsule Filling MachineNJP-2800 automatic capsule filling machine possesses many features. Monitoring system is composed of programmable logic control smart module and human-machine interface operating system. Interface is divided into manual operation and normal operation. Intelligent modules and detectors are adopted to automatically detect, diagnose, alarm and shut down for material shortage, empty capsules, obstruction and mechanical failure.
  • Capsule Filling Machine
  • NJP-2200 Capsule Filling MachineNJP-2200 medical hard capsule filling machine, as intermittent motion equipment, can be used for filling of pharmaceuticals and nutrition and health care products. Equipped with 2 row 19 die holes, imported two RU-140 indexing boxes which are the biggest in domestic products, this product can resolve many problems such as multiple product, short delivery time, large-scale production and so on. The function of this product is in advanced level in domestic and this product has very stable circulation ...
  • Capsule Filling Machine
  • NJP-1200 Capsule Filling MachineNJP-1200 fully automatic capsule filler machine, as a intermittent motion porous plug product, can automatically complete operations of sowing, separation, filling, waste capsule removal, locking, delivery and granule filling. With feature of reliable positioning, filling accuracy and high yield, this product is suitable for filling of powder and pellet shaped drug of small pharmaceutical companies. This product passes provincial technical appraisal and meets GMP standards.
  • Medical Nitro Generator
  • Medical Nitro GeneratorNCB-200 semi automatic capsule filling machine is a processing equipment which can fill powder, granule or small piece of material into hollow capsule. This product can complete operation of capsule postioning, separation, filling and locking, thus reducing labor intensity and improving production efficiency. With novel structure, beautiful shape, reliable sensitive action, accurare filling dose, this product is welcomed by major pharmaceutical manufacturers.
  • Flat Plate Blister Packing Machine
  • DPP-250LL Flat Plate Blister Packing Machine For principle of DPP-250LL pharmaceutical blister packaging machine, transparent plastic film or sheet form blister and methods such as heat sealing or adhesive sealing are used to seal the product between blister and the base plate. Based on many years of manufacturing experience and reference to the original Italian prototype, this product adopts many latest technologies at domestic and abroad. So it reaches advanced level in international level due to its outstanding performance, creative concept and novel shape.